5 NFT projects you should learn about

The potential of the NFTs was not realized when they were first launched. At the time, NFTs weren’t considered art collectibles and only those who were interested in them were interested in the NFT. As time passes, however, NFT has become the fastest growing business in cryptocurrency. NFT continues to evolve in order to improve the crypto space. Many professionals have been transformed by the NFT’s existence. Many large corporations adopted NFT because of the impact it had on the market.

The NFT is now the largest Billion Dollar business in crypto. It has made an enormous impact on the market for crypto and created its own market. NFT continues to grow rapidly from crypto’s market to Crypto’s equivalent market. Let’s look at the top NFT projects for 2021. Many NFTs have been a market success, but this blog features the best.

Here are the best NFT projects of the year 2021


NFT marketplaces play a major role in the success and viability of NFT projects, as they trade NFT 24 hours a day. OpenSea, a NFT marketplace that allows trade of all NFT types, is one example. OpenSea saw 3.4 Billion transactions in August alone. This trust NFT project has raised more that 130 million just for a fund. They are known as the Legends of rare digital items and collectibles. OpenSea has made 2.37 Million transactions with 234k users in just 30 days span, and This is why OpenSea is considered to be one of the best NFT projects that made a huge hit in the year 2021


Rarible works in a similar way to Opensea. It’s a democratic and open marketplace that allows creators and artists to sell and issue NFTs. RARI tokens, which are issued on the platform, let their holders vote on features such as fees and community rules. As you can see, Rarible uses a completely different interface to Opensea.


Mike Winklemann is an artist who only sold a handful of artworks in the real-world. However, he has now made 69,000,000 dollars selling his NFT. The sale went viral and Mike became very well-known. One of the most unique perks of this sale was that he was named one of the “Top Three Most Valuable Living Artists” after the sale. This Beeple continues to be a landmark or motivation for others to get involved in NFT. Everyday: The First 5000 Days was the name of the Beeple project. Its uniqueness and non-fungible characteristics made it possible for it to succeed.


CryptoKitties is a web-based NFT that you may have heard of. You can breed digital kittens using the ETH-based project. CryptoKitties allows users to breed adorable CryptoKitties. Each cat has its own unique genome, which determines its appearance and character. You can breed your kitties to create new furry friends or unlock rare abilities. CryptoKitties is a blockchain game that was created in 2013. CryptoKitties doesn’t offer a digital currency but it offers the same security. Each CryptoKitty is unique and 100% yours. It can’t be duplicated, taken away or destroyed. Take a look at this video to find out more.


Although the Cryptopunks was one of the first projects of NFT it is still a major market hit. It will be a big player in 2021. With 1 Billion dollars in sales, the crypto punks dominated the market. The crypto punk’s market value has risen significantly in recent years. In April, the minimum crypto punk value was 30K. Now it is over 300K. The crypto punks are covid aliens and became viral via all social media platforms. This has led to a rise in market value and growth for the crypto punks.

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