How to use Google Trends for SEO research

Google Trends is a free tool from Google, which provides an essential insight into the search interests of people worldwide. This service can help you analyze search queries and pinpoint a topic that will be highly searched on the web. With this data, you can identify trending keywords and topics, analyze the most searched queries, and ultimately develop better SEO strategies for your online business.

If you want to learn how to use Google Trends for SEO research, we’ve prepared an easy-to-follow guide to help you get started.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use Google Trends for SEO Research

1. Enter your search term.

The first step when using Google Trends is to enter your search term. You can enter a single keyword or a phrase. Google Trends will provide search trends data for the term you entered for varying periods, including the last year, five years, ten years, and more.

2. Examine the results.

Google Trends will show you a graph with the search trend of your search term. The graph will display related searches, geographic information, and related queries. You can learn how many times the search term was searched for, and you can select a different time range to see how the popularity of a particular term might have increased or decreased over time.

3. Analyze the data.

With the data, you can use it for SEO research to plan content marketing strategies and more. The data can help you understand what type of content people are searching for, how they conduct their search, and how you can position your content for better visibility.

The data you get from Google Trends can help you identify emerging trends in your industry or niche, so you know exactly what content will resonate with your audience. This is a valuable tool in SEO research.

4. Use the Google Trends Related Queries feature.

Google Trends has a “related queries” feature that you can use. It’s located in the lower-left corner of the trend graph. This feature highlights the search terms related to your original search term. It’s an excellent feature to use for finding trending topics that are highly-searched or relevant to your business, so you can align your content with the trends.

5. Use the Google Trends Comparison feature.

The Google Trends Comparison feature allows you to compare two different keywords or phrases with each other. This feature is perfect for finding out which term is more useful for targeting or understanding how two different phrases may be related to one another. This feature is valuable because it will help you find highly searched terms you may have never considered before.

How to Use Google Trends for SEO Research FAQs

1. What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a free tool from Google that provides trends data for internet search queries made on the Google platform. Its purpose is to show the popularity of a search term over time, providing insights into search trends for specific terms and related queries.

2. How can Google Trends be used for SEO research?

Google Trends can be helpful in identifying recent search trends relevant to your industry, niche or search terms. It can help you to pinpoint a topic people are interested in, inform content marketing strategies, and monitor the popularity of a particular search term over time.

3. What are the benefits of using Google Trends for SEO research?

The benefits of using Google Trends are numerous. Some of these include:

– Identifying current trends in your industry, niche or target audience
– Understanding how people search for content
– Providing insights for content marketing strategy development
– Uncovering data for targeted keyword identification
– Indicating search term popularity over time
– Identifying opportunities for content creation

4. What are some best practices when using Google Trends for SEO research?

Some best practices when using Google Trends for SEO research include:

– Searching for a range of terms and comparing their trends over time
– Using the related queries feature to find additional queries, relevant to your search term
– Comparing multiple related search terms or phrases to identify the most effective keywords to optimize for
– Employing Google Trends to inform your overall SEO strategy and ensure that content is timely and relevant
– Using Google Trends to monitor the popularity of specific search terms over time


Google Trends is a valuable tool for SEO research. It can provide your business with key insights into the search interests of your target audience, helping you to identify relevant topics and develop SEO-informed content marketing strategies. With the data provided by Google Trends, you’ll have a better understanding of how people search for your business, and you’ll be able to develop more targeted content that resonates with your audience.

Take advantage of this free service today, and see how the data provided by Google Trends can improve your overall SEO strategy.

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