The Best Streaming Services for Foodies

In today’s digital age, streaming services have become a staple in our lives. From watching your favorite TV shows and movies to discovering new documentaries, streaming services have revolutionized the way we consume media. And, for foodies, there are plenty of options available to satisfy your culinary cravings. In this article, we’ll explore the best streaming services for foodies.

1. Netflix

Netflix has an array of food-related content spanning documentaries, cooking shows, and even food-focused movies. Its library includes popular shows such as Chef’s Table, Ugly Delicious, and Salt Fat Acid Heat. Netflix has a customizable interface, making it simple to find your favorite genre of food content.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has started to invest heavily in food content and has several noteworthy shows, including The Grand Tour: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry, and The Great British Bake Off. Prime Video also has a wide array of documentaries focused on food, such as Food, Inc. Their interface is easy to navigate, and food content is easily searchable.

3. Hulu

While not as food-focused as some of the other streaming services, Hulu does have a few notable programs for foodies. Hulu’s food content is more focused on cooking shows, such as Top Chef and MasterChef. Their interface is easy to use, and finding food-related content is easy.

4. Disney+

Disney+ has some must-watch food-related movies for foodies, including Ratatouille and The Hundred-Foot Journey. Alongside these movies, Disney+ has a few food-related TV shows, namely Forky Asks A Question and It’s A Dog’s Life. Disney+ is a great streaming service for foodies who want to enjoy food content in a family-friendly environment.

5. YouTube

YouTube is the holy grail of food content creators. From food vloggers to cooking tutorials, YouTube has everything to offer. Channels such as Bon App├ętit, Tasty, and Binging with Babish have gained a strong following in recent years. YouTube also has many smaller channels focusing on niche topics, such as vegan cooking or street food tours.


1. Are there any free food streaming services?

While many streaming services offer free trials or limited-access subscriptions, completely free streaming services are rare. YouTube is the only platform that is entirely free, but you have to put up with ads.

2. Are there any streaming services with live cooking shows?

Live cooking shows are not as prevalent on streaming services as pre-recorded content. However, streaming services like Twitch and Facebook Watch have some live cooking shows.

3. Which streaming service has the largest food content library?

Netflix has the largest selection of food-related content, with a wide range of documentaries and cooking shows to choose from.

4. Can I download food content for offline watching?

Most streaming services, including Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+, allow you to download content for offline viewing. However, not all food-related content is available for download, so be sure to check beforehand.


With a plethora of streaming services that cater to foodies, there’s no shortage of content to satisfy your appetite for food-related shows, movies, and documentaries. Each streaming service has a unique library of content, so it’s worth trying out various platforms to find the ones that suit your taste. And with the ability to download content for offline viewing, you can even take your food content on the go, making it easier to immerse yourself in different cuisines and cultures.

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