The Best Streaming Services for International Content

As the world becomes more connected, people have access to a vast array of content from various countries through streaming services. There are many streaming services available that offer international content, but not all of them are created equal.

So, what are the best streaming services for international content? Let’s take a closer look at the top contenders.

1. Netflix

Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming services for international content. With a vast library of TV shows and movies from all over the world, you can enjoy content from countries like South Korea, Japan, Spain, and France. Netflix also creates original content from different countries, making it a great choice for those who enjoy foreign language TV shows and films.

2. Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video also offers a great selection of international content, with TV shows and movies from countries like India, South Korea, and Japan. The service also has a collection of foreign language programming, making it perfect for anyone looking to expand their viewing options.

3. Hulu

While Hulu is primarily known for its American TV shows and movies, the streaming service also offers international content. While their library may not be as extensive as other providers, Hulu is still worth considering when looking for international content.

4. HBO Max

HBO Max offers a smaller but more curated selection of international films, providing access to some of the best international movies from around the world, including Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Seven Samurai, and Amelie.

5. Crunchyroll

If your interest is in anime and manga, Crunchyroll is the streaming service for you. The service provides a vast library of anime from all over the globe, including Japan, Korea, China, and the United States. The platform also offers simulcasts and other unique features, making it a must-have for anime lovers.


1. What is the best streaming service for international TV shows?
Netflix is generally considered the best streaming service for international TV shows. The service offers a vast collection of foreign language TV shows from all over the world, including popular titles like Narcos, Money Heist, and Dark.

2. What is the best streaming service for international movies?
HBO Max offers some of the best international films available, including classic films like Seven Samurai and newer movies like Parasite. Amazon Prime Video and Netflix also have a great selection of international movies.

3. Is it possible to access international streaming services from outside of their respective countries?
While some streaming services limit access to their content based on your location, there are ways to get around these restrictions. Using a VPN service can allow you to access content from different regions.

4. Can I watch international content with subtitles or dubbing?
Yes, many streaming services offer both subtitles and dubbing options for their international content. This feature makes it easier for non-native speakers to enjoy TV shows and movies from different countries.

5. What factors should I consider when choosing a streaming service for international content?
When choosing a streaming service for international content, you should consider the size and quality of the library, the ease of access, the user interface, and the availability of subtitles or dubbing options. You may also want to consider the cost and any additional features of the service, such as offline downloads or simultaneous streaming on multiple devices. Overall, the best streaming service for you will depend on your specific viewing preferences and needs.

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