The Best Streaming Services for Travel and Adventure Lovers

Travel and adventure lovers are constantly looking for new ways to explore the world from the comfort of their own homes. Fortunately, the rise of streaming services has made it easier than ever to discover new cultures, stunning landscapes, and exhilarating experiences. Here are some of the best streaming services for travel and adventure lovers.


Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming services for a good reason. With a vast selection of movies and TV shows from all over the world, it offers an excellent opportunity for armchair travelers to discover new cultures and destinations. From the icy landscapes of Antarctica in the Our Planet series to the bustling streets of Tokyo in Terrace House, Netflix has plenty of content to satisfy travel enthusiasts. Moreover, its original documentaries like Night on Earth, Planet Earth, and Explained dive deep into different natural ecosystems and provide fascinating insights into the way the world works.


Disney+ may be best known for its family-friendly content, but it also offers a ton of travel and adventure content. From inspiring documentaries on National Geographic to epic tales of explorers and astronauts, Disney+ caters to both kids and adults. The Imagineering Story, for instance, takes viewers behind the scenes of Disney’s theme parks and showcases the innovative ways in which the company brings its magical worlds to life. Meanwhile, the science-focused series The Right Stuff immerses viewers in the thrilling world of NASA astronauts, from their rigorous training to their historic space missions.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is another streaming giant that offers a wide variety of travel and adventure content. From nature documentaries like Great Barrier Reef to thrilling expeditions in the series Expedition Unknown, Amazon Prime Video has plenty of exciting shows and movies to spark your wanderlust. One of its most popular shows is The Grand Tour, a series in which three car enthusiasts (Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May) travel around the world to explore the most breathtaking roads, landscapes, and cultures. The series is witty, adventurous, and provides plenty of laughs along the way.


Hulu is another streaming service that caters to travel and adventure lovers. While it may not have as extensive a selection as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, it features some of the most beloved travel shows of all time, such as Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations and Rick Steves’ Europe. Moreover, it offers other fascinating documentaries and series that showcase different aspects of the world, such as the Hispanic culture in Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado or the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park in America’s National Parks.


Last but not least, YouTube is a treasure trove of travel and adventure content. From vlogs to documentaries, the video-sharing platform has no shortage of creators who showcase their experiences and insights from around the world. Channels like Drew Binksy, Fun For Louis, and Lost Leblanc offer a mix of travel tips, cultural explorations, and adrenaline-fueled adventures that appeal to a wide audience. Moreover, YouTube’s reach is global, so you can discover off-the-beaten-track destinations or hidden gems from countries you never thought to visit.


Q. Which streaming service has the best travel documentaries?

A. All of the major streaming services (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+) have excellent travel documentaries. It ultimately comes down to the viewer’s tastes and preferences, as each service offers different documentaries and series that cater to different interests.

Q. Can I watch travel shows on my mobile device?

A. Yes, most streaming services offer mobile apps that allow you to watch shows and movies on your mobile device.

Q. Are there any streaming services that focus exclusively on travel content?

A. Yes, there are a few streaming services that specialize in travel and adventure content, such as the adventure-focused Outside TV or the immersive travel network Tastemade.

Q. How can I find travel shows on streaming services?

A. Most streaming services have a “Travel” or “Adventure” category that shows all the relevant content. Alternatively, you can search for specific keywords or titles and browse the results. Some services also use algorithms to recommend shows based on your viewing history, so you might come across travel shows that way.

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