The Best Streaming Services for Watching Live TV

The world of television is changing rapidly. The days of cable TV subscriptions and satellite dishes are slowly fading away. The world has gone online, and television has followed suit. Streaming services have become the go-to for many people who want to watch TV, whether it be live or on-demand programming. Streaming has become the preferred platform for viewers, and it’s no surprise. With quality content, a vast range of options and flexibility, who wouldn’t opt for that? In this article, we will cover the best streaming services for watching live TV.

1. Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is a video streaming platform offering VOD programming. They’ve recently added a live TV feature to their platform. Hulu with Live TV is an excellent option for sports lovers who don’t want to miss out on anything. Hulu provides the typical sports channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports Network. They also offer local channels with their varied channel access, making it easy to watch local sports as they air. Hulu with Live TV is also an excellent choice for those with larger households because it allows streaming on up to two screens simultaneously. At $64.99 per month, Hulu is more affordable compared to many other live streaming options.

2. Sling TV

Sling TV is a popular choice among cord-cutters. It offers affordable packages, starting at $30 per month, with the option to add on additional channels. Sling TV includes popular channels such as ESPN, CNN, TBS, AMC, and many more. With Sling TV’s customizable channel lineup, viewers can pick and choose channels as they like. However, this feature comes with limitations. For instance, viewers won’t have access to popular channels such as Fox News, ABC, or CBS. This provider tends to appeal to people who are particular in their entertainment preferences.

3. YouTube TV

YouTube TV has become increasingly popular because of its user-friendly interface, accessibility, and reliable service. They offer an extensive array of live TV channels at $64.99 a month. YouTube TV provides top-rated sports channels, including ESPN, Fox Sports, and NBC Sports. Their local channel option is also accessible to over 98% of the US population. With their unlimited DVR storage option, viewers can record shows and movies, which can be kept for up to nine months. Overall, YouTube TV is an excellent streaming option for fans of sports.

4. AT&T TV

AT&T TV provides live TV channels on their app, with subscription packages starting at $69.99 per month. Their channel lineup includes ESPN, Fox News, Comedy Central, and many more. AT&T TV also comes with cloud-based DVR storage, which enables users to save recorded shows for up to 500 hours. Their selection of channels is well-rounded, making it suitable for households with varying entertainment tastes.


1. Why are streaming services becoming so popular?

Streaming services have become popular because they offer a flexible option for watching TV. With streaming services, viewers can choose what, when, and where they want to watch instead of relying on scheduled programming. Streaming services have also become cheaper and more accessible, making them an appealing option for those looking to cut costs from traditional cable services.

2. Can I watch live TV with streaming services?

Yes, many streaming services offer live TV programming, including Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, and AT&T TV.

3. What internet speed do I need to stream live TV?

It’s best to have a high-speed internet connection to avail outstanding streaming services. Most providers recommend at least 25 Mbps or more for streaming live TV, but this figure can differ depending on the provider and the particular content being streamed.

4. What is the cost of the streaming services?

The cost varies from provider to provider. Some providers offer a more affordable streaming package compared to others, while others opt for a high subscription fee. Streaming services such as Hulu Live TV cost $64.99, while YouTube TV costs the same but offers a wider range of channels for viewing.

5. Which streaming service is the best for sports lovers?

Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, and Sling TV offer sports channels as part of their channel lineup. These providers offer top-rated sports channels such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, among others. All three make an excellent choice for sports fans.


There are many excellent streaming options for fans of live TV. From Hulu Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV to AT&T TV, each streaming service differs with features and cost. When selecting the ideal streaming service option for you, consider the channels on offer, accessibility, DVR options, and cost. With the world becoming more digitally oriented, streaming services provide the perfect option for the future of television entertainment.

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