The Best Streaming Services for Wine and Gourmet Food Lovers

As streaming services have gained popularity, so too have new and niche options been made available for subscribers. One area of interest is in the arena of gourmet food and wine. Here are some of the best streaming services for foodies and wine lovers.

1. SommTV

SommTV is a streaming service all about wine. It was created by some of the French Laundry’s former chefs as a way to showcase their love of wine, and it has since become one of the most talked-about options for wine lovers. The streaming service features wine documentaries, cooking shows, and tasting sessions. They also have sections on regions, grapes, and wineries in which an expert sommelier will walk you through a wine’s history, flavor, and nuances.

2. The Great Courses

The Great Courses is one of the most well-known educational streaming sites out there. They offer a range of courses, including some on wine! For wine and gourmet food lovers, their series of courses called “The Everyday Gourmet” is recommended, as each course is designed to appeal to both casual and experienced cooks. You can learn to create dishes like Thai curry, Gnocchi with Bacon and Tomato Sauce, and Truffled Risotto. Every course also gives insight into the perfect wine pairing!

3. The Chef & The Dish

Created by a chef and a foodie, The Chef & The Dish features cooking classes from chefs all around the world. You can learn about an array of international cuisines, such as Indian, Thai, Peruvian, and more. Chefs lead one-on-one cooking classes with students over Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts. Afterwards, you get to enjoy your delicious meal with a special wine pairing that the chef recommends.

4. Tasting Table TV

Tasting Table is a food and wine recommendation site that recently released Tasting Table TV, a new streaming service with exclusive content related to gourmet food and beverage. They provide a wide variety of videos, ranging from cocktail recipes to cooking for a dinner party. Their wine section is their most popular, featuring an extensive array of recommendations that will broaden your knowledge of wines from all around the world.

5. The Wine Spectator

The Wine Spectator is the most well-known publication dedicated to wine, offering expert reviews and recommendations on wine. With The Wine Spectator’s service, you can stay up-to-date with the newest wines, learn about grape varieties, and discover the perfect food and wine pairings. The Wine Spectator app even helps you find nearby restaurants serving your favorite wines.


1. What is the best streaming service for wine tasting?

SommTV is the best streaming service for wine tasting. They offer a large collection of wine documentaries, tasting sessions, and cooking shows. They also provide information about wines by region, wineries, and grapes to help viewers expand their knowledge about the wines.

2. Which streaming service provides the most educational content for gourmet cooking?

The Great Courses is the best option for lovers of gourmet cooking. Their courses are specifically designed to help people learn from beginner to experienced levels. They offer lessons and courses on techniques, tips, and tricks for cooking gourmet meals.

3. What is the best streaming service for international cuisine?

The Chef & The Dish provides a wide variety of international cuisines with chefs from all around the world. They focus heavily on one on one teaching and video conferencing with their customers. You can indulge in cuisines such as Indian, Peruvian, Thai, the choices are endless!

4. Can I learn about food and wine pairing from any of these streaming services?

Yes, all of these streaming services offer some education on food and wine pairing. You can learn about the perfect choice for your main course, how to pick the best wine for dessert, and other useful tips in pairing wine and gourmet food.

5. What is the most affordable streaming service for wine and gourmet food lovers?

Tasting Table TV is the most affordable service out of all the mentioned platforms. Their subscription rate is significantly lower than other services, and they offer a variety of videos, including cocktail recipes and cooking for dinner parties.

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